DRA'KAEDAN'S COVEN (D'Vaire, Book 1)

Dra’Kaedan of Leolinnia was born with a mark of Fate proclaiming that someday he would be the Grand Warlock. Standing in his way are those who wish for his power. After spells are carved into Dra’Kaedan’s back, he begins life anew as a familiar called Ayden. With no memory of his past, he is shuffled off to a cottage while a brutal elven tribe destroys his people.

Minutes after Brogan shifts into a dragon for the first time, his best friend is banished from their court. Loyal to the core, Brogan follows him through the castle gates of their old home and Court D’Vaire is established. Considered cursed by dragonkind, the D’Vaire’s are ostracized and after six centuries of loneliness, Brogan is desperate to find his mate.

As a familiar Ayden, struggles between a voice inside him that insists he is something more and his warlock's stringent set of rules. He finds himself torn as he and Brogan try to find common ground. Can the pair find love and will Dra’Kaedan find out his true destiny before it’s too late?


DRAVYN'S GARDEN (D'Vaire, Book 15)

Drindyr Duke Dravyn D’Vairedraconis is a quiet man who finds happiness amongst his plants. His affinity for living things astonishes those around him since he doesn’t have a drop of druidic blood in his veins. Awed by his talent, his family grows convinced that someday when Fate pairs him, it will be a druid that is at his side. Someone to care for and who shares his love of gardening would be a dream come true for Dravyn.

Killian the Dwyer is a man broken and his secrets are plenty. Once the leader of the Circle of Druids, he handed off his duties and escaped, his whereabouts unknown. Rumors abound that he makes his home high in a tree in a faraway land. He is missed, and many who care for him reach out to no avail. Full of pain and taking comfort in his solitude, Killian only leaves the sanctity of his leafy abode to answer an invitation he finds himself unable to ignore.

Killian makes his first public appearance in centuries, and when he locks eyes with Dravyn, they discover they are mates. Astonished, neither man says a word and Killian retreats. Two and a half years of silence on Killian’s part have passed, and Dravyn is tired of waiting. He wants the other half of his soul but is convinced Killian won’t do for the job. Fearful of what the future holds but afraid of defying Fate, Killian cannot help being intrigued by the talented dragon. As they settle in Dravyn’s expansive garden, if the pair can find common ground, they might just discover the seeds to grow a love without limits.



Rumor has it that sentinels are as dangerous as they are mysterious. Unsatisfied with the limited knowledge they possess, the Dragon Court of D’Vaire’s two necromancers make the courageous decision to summon their soul-bound assassins. First to arrive is Gavrael. Transported from the cell that served as his home for over ninety years, he goes from a world of only gray to one vibrant with color. Unused to companionship, Gavrael finds that building relationships with his new family is difficult. Though they are warm, caring, and friendly, he struggles to translate the burgeoning thoughts in his mind into words, leaving him struggling to adapt and trapped in solitude. 

Boredom has Gedeon wondering if there is any value in being a sentinel, but that changes the moment he is summoned to D’Vaire. Pleased with the opportunity he’s been given, Gedeon is determined to immerse himself in his new life. He tackles relating to everyone around him with all the fortitude galvanized into his soul at his resurrection. However, regardless of his resolve, he is baffled and frustrated when he meets Gavrael. His impatience only grows once he realizes the man is his mate.

 Gavrael and Gedeon were never taught about matebonds. Ripped from isolation, they quickly learn that their old lives have ill-prepared them to handle the complexities of their new connection. Conflicting personalities cause the pair to have difficulty seeing eye to eye and agreeing on a plan for their future. Grappling with the concept of love, their journey forward is halted by the return of an old foe intent on settling a score against the D’Vaires. To find happiness together, the sentinels must accept that it will take more than their trusty daggers to finally lay the past to rest and claim their reward—eternal devotion.



Reverent Knight Drystan Kempe has no use for the rumors that have swirled around him over the past two centuries. He knows he is not the former emperor of the dragons—the only thing they share is a common name. After all, Drystan the emperor had a love that has become legendary since his death, and Drystan the fallen knight is very much alone. He’s waited over six hundred years for the other half of his soul and has grown impatient. When Drystan finally finds him, he is unamused by the discovery that he bears the name of the former emperor’s mate, but he tries to remain open-minded.

Reverent Knight Conley Gylde is confident that whoever he was prior to his recent resurrection has no bearing on this new beginning. He first focuses on demolishing every training record the fallen knights have with his unmatched speed, then tackles his job with the same level of intensity. Although he is unsure what to make of his title or his mate, he is not a man easily intimidated, and he puts his best foot forward.

When Drystan and Conley finally become blood-bonded, their mating brings them a great deal more than they bargained for. Originally it was their future awaiting them, but unlike their brethren, they are forced to contend with their pasts. Faced with a history of deceit and betrayal from those closest to them, they must find strength in themselves and trust in Fate; only then will they learn what truly matters: the awe-inspiring love between them that has transcended everything…even death.


IMPERIAL TWIST (D'Vaire, Book 16)

Imperial Duke Damian Draconis has always known he would have two mates. His whole life, he’s yearned to prove to his parents and the world that such a match is not doomed for failure. His household is brimming with happy couples, and he wants the same joy in his heart—but on his own terms. Consumed with his desire to challenge the unfair assumption that his goal is foolhardy, he’s convinced it takes only determination to succeed.

A walk into a dingy coffee shop proves that Fate does indeed have two men in mind for him, and Damian moves forward with soaring resolve. Though all is not as it seems, with some convincing on Damian’s part, the three men come to an agreement to proceed. But right from the start obstacles make themselves known, pushing them to the brink.

Damian soon learns that what you want isn’t always what you need, upending all he thought he knew. He never imagined nor is he prepared for the way his true mate lights up his soul. In the end Damian will find that determination is not everything, and sometimes you must ignore what Fate wants if it means following your heart



Chieftain Kalthekor Valzadari is an elf with many regrets. Once a man concerned only with what would bring glory to his tribe at the expense of people he should’ve protected, everything changes when his son is born. Trapped in a loveless matebond, Kalthekor wants to leave his old life behind, but he is bound for eternity. Still, he can’t help but wish for freedom and a relationship as rich in joy as those around him.

Although Aristos Centaurus is brother to the leader of the Centaurs, he is unable to forgive or forget that he once spent centuries committing inexcusable acts of war. With so much blood on his hands, he cannot ignore that he should have been sentenced to death. Aris might help the centaurs now, but he keeps his distance, knowing better than to befriend any of his brethren. He doesn’t deserve happiness or love, but he yearns for it nonetheless.

A misunderstanding sends Aris from the isolation of his brother’s house to Council Headquarters, where he finds himself staring into Kalthekor’s blue eyes. After an instant connection, both are ready to have a partner, and believe they can find what they need in each other. As the pair build a life and a home together, Kalthekor and Aristos realize that although they have created a wonderful foundation based on friendship and love, if they are to move forward as a family, they must find a way to face and reconcile their pasts. Only fate knows if it will tear them apart or if a blissful future awaits them.



Months after his mate broke his heart, Lich Sentinel Alaric is doing his best to put the pieces back together. His sentinels now belong to the Council of Sorcery and Shifters, but it is of little comfort when the necromancers are determined to fight their freedom every step of the way. They are led by Arch Lich Chander Daray, the one person Alaric wishes to avoid at all costs. Despite Chander’s decision to end their matebond, Alaric cannot stomach the idea of signing their separation papers.

Arch Lich Chander Daray has never been more miserable. His mate is gone, and he believes he’s been betrayed in the worst way. Chander thinks he’s at rock bottom, but there is more pain to come. The elder council demands his title be revoked, and when they offer a petition signed by thousands of necromancers, Chander feels he has no choice but to resign.

With nothing but time on his hands, Chander pushes his magic to its limits. Alaric is not idle either and is determined to get the sentinels out of their prison. Though things between them are over, they soon find themselves face-to-face. There is love in Chander’s heart, but Alaric must be willing to forgive him the mistakes he’s made. Chander is ready, but for Alaric, it will require a leap of faith to trust Chander again. Will they decide to start fresh or simply walk away?



When a group of intrepid sorcerers leaves their government, Prism Wizard Vadimas Porfyra is selected to lead them. After centuries of denying his chosen school of magic, Vadimas is embracing the full power of his hue. Busy ruling the Spectra Wizardry, he believes the only thing missing from life is a tidier house. Treasured by the large D’Vaire family, Vadimas is content and not seeking anything beyond knowledge. 

Far from the Council of Sorcery and Shifters is Arch Wizard Severin Dewitt, the Fate-chosen leader of the wizards. Little is known about the man whose wrist is marked by lightning. Severin is rarely seen, and unbeknownst to most, inside a house he cannot leave, his every move is being watched. Yearning for freedom, Severin must take matters into his own hands to forge his own destiny. 

The Consilium Veneficus considers Vadimas an upstart and a traitor, so when he and Severin find out Fate has chosen them as a couple, there is little consensus on what the future holds. Severin’s knowledge of Fate is minimal, making it difficult for him to accept that a matebond rises above everything, while Vadimas trusts her fully, pushing their relationship to the brink. 

Will distance, separate goals, and the ocean separating their populations of wizards stand between Vadimas and Severin forever, or can the two compromise to build a future together?



For two thousand years, Skeleton Lord Albrecht Daray was trapped behind thick walls in a compound that tore away his memory. These days, the sentinels belong to the Council of Sorcery and Shifters, and Albrecht’s little more than a blackened set of bones struggling to understand his place in this new world. He’s happy to be out of his prison yet fears he will never be whole like his brethren.

Venerable Knight Vann Ruarc is the third resurrected fallen knight and has served the Council faithfully all his life. But he’s hungered for his mate, to know more about the differences which separate him from the other men and women tasked with keeping everyone safe. Lacking sexuality, he wonders if his other half even exists.

When the pair meet, questions and mysteries abound. Albrecht worries over the future, but Vann is confident that with perseverance, they can find friendship and more. Together they move forward, unaware of what lies ahead, of what happens when past and present collide. However, if they can trust in what they’ve built, the two may just be able to conquer anything and discover the truth: true, fated love will never be denied.


LICH HOLLOW (D'Vaire Short Story)

The Daray household is hosting their first-ever All Hallow’s Eve party, and Lich Sentinel Alaric refuses to miss a trick. Plucking inspiration from the D’Vaires, he corrals his family for a meeting to assign tasks: There are spooky decorations to design, eerie foods to bake, pumpkins to carve, and ghastly music must be selected.

Determined to win a contest of their own invention, the sentinels will stop at nothing to create the best gathering. Although many of the Daray sentinels are reluctant to don a costume, the Arch Lich Chander decrees it a necessity. When the big day arrives, everyone—even the family dog—is in disguise.

In the end, while ensuring a family bond for eternity might require a bit of magic, they are reminded that the only prerequisite to enjoying themselves is togetherness.



High King Aleksander D’Vairedraconis prefers the comforts of home, rarely leaving his estate. While forthright by nature, his sexuality is a secret Aleksander guards—even his best friend is unaware. With the possibility of his mate showing up at his large estate in Arizona next to impossible, Aleksander focuses on family and building more wealth to allow them to flourish. 

Duke Rafferty Kestledraconis is new to the Council of Sorcery and Shifters and is learning what he can about this fresh start. His life revolves around pleasing his royal father and brothers, and he rarely explores past their plot of land. Unable to refute an order given by his king, he travels with his eldest sibling to the remote D’Vaire sanctuary, where to his bewilderment, he discovers that his mate is the only High King in the dragon realm. 

 Aleksander and Rafferty are ill-prepared for the reality of being mates and unready to take the final step of being fully joined, but together, they slowly build something worth protecting. Circumstances soon spin out of control, testing their fortitude and straining their wills. In the end, they must cling to hope if they want to be together—it will take everything that rests in the hearts of the High Kings to honor the call of Fate.


BECOMING D'VAIRE (D'Vaire, Book 11)

High Arcanist Delaney D’Vaire is the world’s only dark wizard, something that has alienated him from his people since birth. Orphaned as a child, he is shuffled around until the Prism Wizard sees his potential, steps in, and enrolls him in school. Though he never truly feels like he belongs, Delaney excels. Graduating at sixteen, he applies to a unique sanctuary, and his life forever changes when he is accepted. Delaney has the family he’s always wanted; surrounded by love and support, he’s grown into a young man, giving everything to help the people who still scorn him, though he continues to doubt himself. All he needs now is his mate, but Delaney is skeptical that even Fate could come up with his perfect match.

Vampyr Lord Grigori Volkov is the genius of his family. Numbers line up in his head, and he loses sight of the world around him. At fourteen, young Grigori creates a nearly synthetic version of blood to sustain his people, saving countless lives. Content to remain out of the spotlight, his involvement is kept from the general public. Since then, Grigori has spent most of his time alone in his lab, learning all he can and pushing his limits. At twenty-six, Grigori is content with his solitude and doesn’t believe Fate has him in her sights.

When the High Arcanist and the Vampyr Lord appear at the same event, they are stunned to find that Fate indeed has a plan for them. Reeling from their discovery, the mates set upon the task of getting to know each other. It does not take them long to find common ground, but as Delaney and Grigori build their life together, old foes will test them and their entire family. The path Fate has laid out for them is not simple, but they must be strong enough to trust in each other and stand together rather than alone to learn what it truly means to become D’Vaire.



At the tender age of eighteen, Prince Niko Kyrkosdraconis finds himself at a dragon fair, trying his best to maintain his strict schedule of rituals that have followed him since birth, when Fate steps in. The appearance of two strangers alters the course of his life, and Niko sets upon an unforeseen path. Centuries later, Niko is doing whatever he can to pick up the pieces of his shattered world. Unsteady and uncertain, he struggles to place faith in both himself and those around him. Much to his surprise, he finds himself with a new best friend who he grows to trust like no one else before.

Royal Duke Costas Draconis is happy to be back with the men he calls family after ten years of caring for his irascible parents. Having a knack for money, he is once again entrusted with making the dragons prosperous. Costas is surrounded by loved ones and thriving on the outside, but deep inside he yearns for his mate. Then Niko comes into his life. Costas loves the time they spend together, especially their nightly talks on the roof deck, but he must constantly remind himself that the man is not for him.

Niko and Costas go to great lengths to hide their feelings for one another and everyone else, fearful that the future holds nothing but heartache. But things are never what they seem, and Fate will always have the last word, even when you doubt her. As the obstacles before them are slowly peeled back, will Costas and Niko find a way to call each other mate? The road ahead is precarious, and in the end, Fate will have her say, and only then can Niko and Costas prove that the strongest hearts will prevail.


EMINENTLY ELF (D'Vaire, Book 13)

Emperors Chrysander and Ellery Draconis are in love and looking toward the future. Ellery is the first hybrid to survive a dragon shift, becoming a legend. Chrysander couldn’t be happier with his elf dragon, and for the first time he is truly savoring life. Despite the demands of their schedules as the leaders of the Council of Sorcery and Shifters, the pair have also managed to find balance. But not everyone in their world is happy to see the leader of the dragons with a half-elven mate.

As the two go about their daily business, those sworn to protect them work tirelessly each day to ensure the safety of their emperors. Having lived through the horror of the previous rulers being murdered, the guards are too aware of the dangers that lie in wait. Nothing is left to chance, but regardless of their dedication, not even they can prevent evil from rising from the mists.

On a seemingly ordinary day, an unexpected attack shocks everyone. A matebond is taken to the brink and the limits of magic are tested as the strongest forces unite to try to repair the damage. It will take time, patience, and perseverance for good to prevail. Chrysander and Ellery will once again overcome the odds and emerge victorious, but in the end, nothing will ever be the same.



A thousand years. That’s how long Chieftain Lorcan of the Acwellan has waited to have his vengeance. Now that his mate has distanced himself from the sanctity of the magic stealing stones the Cwylld elves are notorious for, Lorcan can finally end his miserable life. It is no more than he deserves after abandoning Lorcan and igniting a war between their people, leaving the demonic elven of the Acwellan tribe decimated. 

Things are not always as they seem. Lorcan’s other half did not vanish of his own accord. Blinded and left to sit in the dirt while his tribesmen and women heap insults upon his head and occasionally use their fists to show their dislike, he has no memory of his past nor of Lorcan. After centuries of neglect, he is rescued by the kind hearts of D’Vaire and is cautiously learning to live again. 

When Lorcan’s hunt leads him to a sanctuary, he is shocked but remains undeterred. With a score to settle, he will allow nothing to get in his way—not even his own heart. But Lorcan’s other half is equally stubborn, and his mind is set on reconciliation. Fate has not recklessly paired these two, though she does work in mysterious ways. The question remains: when all is said and done, which of their plans will be left in the dark? 



Since arriving at the Draconis Court of D’Vaire at the age of sixteen, Idris has done everything he can think of to make his new family proud of him. After five years of challenging work, he is finally poised to reach the highest rank within the Spectra Wizardry. The only glaring thing missing is his mate. While he may be young, Idris wants to share his heart with his other half, so he asks Fate to send him a nice dragon who will be kind to him and his familiar. He does not want to be demanding but Idris knows without him he won’t be complete.

Duke Macardle “Mac” Stenetdraconis’s days are centered around his amazing grandparents who raised him. When his grandfather suggests he apply for a new duke position at Court D’Vaire, he is intrigued. It is a place that has opened its doors as a sanctuary and he's drawn to the idea of helping others. When he arrives, he finds himself with a small dragon familiar on his lap. Minutes later, the owner of that familiar saunters through the door and Mac’s heart is instantly hooked on the irresistible wizard. Determined to make Idris his, the pair soon find themselves tested by life. Their love turns out to the anchor Mac cannot do without while Idris opens the door to a new future for his family.



The eldest son of the Cwylld rulers, Cadlyr hates being part of a notoriously war-hungry tribe reviled by everyone. Cadlyr knows there is no way to escape the cycle of violence that is to be his life, so when he meets his other half at his first elven gathering, he is delighted. Cadlyr can now make plans to leave the Cwylld and gain a fresh start. Observing the tradition of their people, he agrees to be mated the following day. But Cadlyr has no idea what awaits him. 

A few years after the death of his parents, Evlithar is trying to figure life out, and he’s heard horror stories of the Cwylld. Despite his attraction to Cadlyr, he’s terrified of tying himself for eternity to an abhorrent elf tribe, so he comes up with a desperate plan. With the help of his cousin, who happens to be the chieftain, Evlithar lights a fake pyre and has Cadlyr invited to his funeral. The decision is a rash one that changes lives forever, and not necessarily for the better. 

Two millennia later, everything has changed. The last of the Cwylld and residing in a vibrant sanctuary, Cadlyr is determined to repair his tribe’s sullied reputation. Evlithar remains hidden behind the scenes, but his tribe is looking toward the future. Living worlds apart, both are convinced by their families to attend the annual elven gathering. When Cadlyr spots a man resembling Evlithar, he is sure it is a ghost. As they come face-to-face, choices from the past cannot be ignored, and they must work through secrets and lies. Will it be enough to overcome Evlithar’s decision to disregard fate?


THE SUMMONER'S PATH (D'Vaire, Book 10)

Grand Summoner Dre’Kariston D’Vaire understands firsthand the brutal reality of war. Barely surviving a gruesome battle, he is one of the few remaining warlocks. After recovering from his wounds, he returns to the castle of his birth only to find his entire race annihilated. For centuries he disguises his power and appearance, refusing to be another victim. When he reunites with his twin, his life changes from barren to beautiful. For years he follows his brother’s example of scrying for his mate, but it is not until they join their power that Fate answers, leading him to Court Ethelin.

Prince Somerly Ethelindraconis is stunned as he races to an appointment and runs into a crowned sorcerer standing on his father’s land. His only parent hates magickind and keeps them far from home, but Somerly cannot deny the attractive man his name and number. King Ethelin has his son’s life planned out for him, and Somerly is willing to sacrifice his freedom to help his court—until he falls for Dre’Kariston. He is soon caught between the promises he’s made and what his heart desires. There’s no way to please everyone, and Somerly finds himself teetering on a precipice that forces him to decide where his future lies.

With infinite paths twisting ahead, Dre’Kariston and Somerly must follow the truth in their hearts to make the right choices if they wish to forge an enduring love. Fate brought them together, but will they run out of chances before it’s too late to save their matebond?



Emperor Chrysander Draconis rules not only the dragons but the entire Council of Sorcery and Shifters. From the moment Fate selected him, he has devoted himself to ensuring his people thrive and prosper. His life revolves around duty; nothing stands in the way of his dedication to his job. One of the most prominent issues on Chrysander’s plate is the lack of hybrid drakelings that have survived the road from man to beast. When he receives word that one such rare soul is living in an obscure tribe, he races to help.

Ellery of the Fen-Lynthi elves is different from the rest of his people. He does not understand why his ears are shorter, why he stands taller than the others. Then his mother explains why the other children mock him and call him a mongrel: his father, a dragon, abandoned her the moment he learned of Ellery’s impending birth. With his mother’s often-fragile mental state, Ellery does not know if he can trust her words, but they are all he has. He spends his days ostracized, doing what he can to improve his lot.

Chrysander is overjoyed to find his mate among the Fen-Lynthi, but when it is confirmed that Ellery is half dragon, he is terrified Ellery will be ripped apart by the beast inside him. Regardless, Chrysander proceeds with their matebond ceremony, though he delays the event, believing duty demands they bypass elven tradition. This troubles Ellery, and he wonders if moving forward is what Chrysander truly wants. Their schedules present them with little opportunity to spend time together, which gives him further cause for worry. If that isn’t enough, Ellery is apprehensive over his new role as emperor. Chrysander and Ellery must confront their fears and learn to face the world as a united and loving front. In doing so, not only will they be able to defy the impossible, but they will change the world.



There are presents to wrap, cookies to decorate, and a tree to trim! The Draconis High Court of D’Vaire is about to have their largest holiday celebration, and as they prepare for their first-ever Secret Santa, much to Aleksander’s surprise, he’s given the role of Santa himself.

Tasked with this new responsibility, Aleksander is the recipient of multiple letters with suggestions for anonymous gift-givers while he puzzles over what to get the person whose name he plucked out of a hat crafted from his own dragonskin.

With plenty of festive spirit, the gang is ready for the big day and all its fanfare. However, an unexpected arrival takes the D’Vaires by surprise, serving as a beautiful reminder that the most important part of the season is their incredible family, including and especially their beloved Aleksanta.


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Swamped with guilt over nearly every decision he’s made in his life, Arch Lich Chander Daray spends his time escaping into books and focusing his energy on leading the Order of Necromancia. The last thing on his mind is finding his other half. In pursuit of freedom for the sentinels, Gavrael and Gedeon D’Vaire ask him for help, and Chander is happy to oblige. When their leader is summoned to begin the process of bringing the sentinels into the Council of Sorcery and Shifters, Chander is horrified to discover they are mates.

From the moment of Lich Sentinel Alaric’s resurrection, he has been spellbound to care for the sentinels. Hunger burns and exhaustion runs deep, but Alaric is forced to put his sentinels first, involuntarily setting his own needs aside. When he meets his mate, Alaric is helpless to do anything more than make occasional short visits in the name of sentinel welfare. Intrigued by the necromancer with the tired pewter eyes, for the first time Alaric questions why he is trapped in the sentinel compound, devoid of choices.

With no desire to openly defy Fate, Chander offers to seal their matebond, and Alaric jumps at the chance. His spell is discovered and Chander breaks him free but, rejecting any belief in the idea that he deserves happiness, he continues to avoid their connection. Determined to sway Chander, Alaric refuses to be pushed aside, though loving a man who fears his own inadequacies comes with a price. The odds are heavily stacked against the two, yet neither man appears capable of simply walking away. But is that enough to save them from heartbreak?​