Jessamyn Kingley

DRA'KAEDAN'S COVEN (D'Vaire, Book 1) 

Dra’Kaedan of Leolinnia was born with a mark of Fate proclaiming that someday he would be the Grand Warlock. Standing in his way are those who wish for his power. After spells are carved into Dra’Kaedan’s back, he begins life anew as a familiar called Ayden. With no memory of his past, he is shuffled off to a cottage while a brutal elven tribe destroys his people.

Minutes after Brogan shifts into a dragon for the first time, his best friend is banished from their court. Loyal to the core, Brogan follows him through the castle gates of their old home and Court D’Vaire is established. Considered cursed by dragonkind, the D’Vaire’s are ostracized and after six centuries of loneliness, Brogan is desperate to find his mate.

As a familiar Ayden, struggles between a voice inside him that insists he is something more and his warlock's stringent set of rules. He finds himself torn as he and Brogan try to find common ground. Can the pair find love and will Dra’Kaedan find out his true destiny before it’s too late?

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Months after his mate broke his heart, Lich Sentinel Alaric is doing his best to put the pieces back together. His sentinels now belong to the Council of Sorcery and Shifters but it means little as the necromancers are determined to fight their freedom every step of the way. Their leader, Arch Lich Chander Daray, is the one person Alaric avoids at all costs. Despite Chander’s decision to end their matebond, Alaric cannot stomach the idea of signing their separation papers.

Arch Lich Chander Daray has never been more miserable. His mate is gone and Chander believes he’s been betrayed in the worst way. Thinking that he’s at rock bottom, he couldn’t have guessed there was more pain to come. The elder council demand his title be revoked and when they offer a petition signed by thousands of necromancers, Chander feels he has no choice but to resign. Now that his time is his own, he decides to push his magic to its limits. Once his mission is complete, he finds himself face to face with Alaric. Things between them are over, but Chander cannot help but express the love he feels for him. It brings them both to a precipice. Does Alaric have it in his heart to forgive all that Chander has done? Can either one of them move past the accusations and grow to trust again? Are they even willing to try?​

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Skeleton Lord Albrecht Daray spent nearly two thousand years trapped behind thick walls in a compound that tore away his memory. Now, the sentinels belong the Council of Sorcery and Shifters and Albrecht’s little more than a blackened set of bones struggling to find his place in this new world.

Venerable Knight Vann Ruarc was the third fallen knight resurrected and has served the Council faithfully all his life. But he’s hungered to find his mate and know more about the differences which separate him from his brethren. 

When the pair meet they already know they must be patient if they want answers to the mysteries that surround them. And while Albrecht worries over the future, Vann is confident with perseverance they can find friendship and love. Together they will face the past and neither one of them could have ever guessed exactly where that road takes them.

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A thousand years. That’s how long Chieftain Lorcan of the Acwellan has waited to have his vengeance. At last his mate has distanced himself from the sanctity of the magic stealing stones the Cwylld elves are notorious for and finally Lorcan can end his miserable life. It is no more than he deserves after abandoning Lorcan and igniting a war between their people which has left the demonic elven of the Acwellan tribe decimated. Surprised to find the man he once loved blinded and living in a sanctuary, Lorcan is undeterred. He has a score to settle and will allow nothing to get in his way. Not even his own heart.

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Grand Summoner Dre’Kariston D’Vaire understands firsthand the brutal reality of war. Barely surviving a gruesome battle, he is one of the few remaining warlocks. After recovering from his wounds, he returns to the castle of his birth only to find his entire race annihilated. For centuries he disguises his power and appearance, refusing to be another victim. When he reunites with his twin, his life changes from barren to beautiful. For years he follows his brother’s example of scrying for his mate, but it is not until they join their power that Fate answers, leading him to Court Ethelin.

Prince Somerly Ethelindraconis is stunned as he races to an appointment and runs into a crowned sorcerer standing on his father’s land. His only parent hates magickind and keeps them far from home, but Somerly cannot deny the attractive man his name and number. King Ethelin has his son’s life planned out for him, and Somerly is willing to sacrifice his freedom to help his court—until he falls for Dre’Kariston. He is soon caught between the promises he’s made and what his heart desires. There’s no way to please everyone, and Somerly finds himself teetering on a precipice that forces him to decide where his future lies.

With infinite paths twisting ahead, Dre’Kariston and Somerly must follow the truth in their hearts to make the right choices if they wish to forge an enduring love. Fate brought them together, but will they run out of chances before it’s too late to save their matebond?

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Reverent Knight Drystan Kempe has no use for the rumors that have swirled around him for the past two centuries. There is no way he could be the former emperor of the dragons. All they share is a common name. After all, Emperor Drystan had a love that has become legendary since his death and the fallen knight Drystan is very much alone. As a man over six hundred years old, he’s waited impatiently for the other half of his soul. When he finally finds him, he is unamused to find him bearing the name of the former emperor’s mate.

Reverent Knight Conley Gylde is confident that whoever he was before his resurrection it has no bearing on this new beginning. When the pair finally become blood-bonded, they get a great deal more than they could have ever bargained for.

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Since arriving at the Draconis Court of D’Vaire at the age of sixteen, Idris has done everything he can think of to make his new family proud of him. After five years of challenging work, he is finally poised to reach the highest rank within the Spectra Wizardry. The only glaring thing missing is his mate. While he may be young, Idris wants to share his heart with his other half, so he asks Fate to send him a nice dragon who will be kind to him and his familiar. He does not want to be demanding but Idris knows without him he won’t be complete.

Duke Macardle “Mac” Stenetdraconis’s days are centered around his amazing grandparents who raised him. When his grandfather suggests he apply for a new duke position at Court D’Vaire, he is intrigued. It is a place that has opened its doors as a sanctuary and he's drawn to the idea of helping others. When he arrives, he finds himself with a small dragon familiar on his lap. Minutes later, the owner of that familiar saunters through the door and Mac’s heart is instantly hooked on the irresistible wizard. Determined to make Idris his, the pair soon find themselves tested by life. Their love turns out to the anchor Mac cannot do without while Idris opens the door to a new future for his family.

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Sentinels are as dangerous as they are mysterious. Not satisfied with the rumors that abound, the two necromancers at the Dragon Court of D’Vaire make the courageous decision to summon their soul bound assassins only to discover the two are mates. Ripped from isolation, Gavrael and Gedeon were never taught about matebonds. They quickly realize their old lives have ill-prepared them to understand the complexity of their new connection. Before the pair can grapple with the concept of loving, an old foe returns intent on settling the score against Grand Warlock Dra’Kaedan and the D’Vaire family. Gavrael and Gedeon soon discover it takes more than their trusty daggers to finally lay the past to rest.

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Swamped with guilt over nearly every decision he’s ever made, Arch Lich Chander Daray spends all his time escaping into books and keeping too busy to think. The last thing he wants is to find his other half.  In pursuit of freedom for their people Gavrael and Gedeon D’Vaire ask him for help and Chander is happy to oblige. After their leader is summoned to begin the process of bringing the sentinels into the Council of Sorcery and Shifters, Chander is horrified to find out that they are mates.

From the moment Lich Sentinel Alaric was resurrected, he has been spellbound to care for the sentinels. Hunger burns and exhaustion runs deep, but Alaric has no choice but to put his own needs aside. When he meets his mate, Alaric is helpless to do anything more than visit occasionally. Chander offers to seal their matebond in name only and Alaric jumps at the chance. His spell is discovered and Chander breaks him free but still wants nothing do with him. Will they ever find a way to come together or will life tear them apart?​

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As the son of the Cwylld rulers, Cadlyr hates being part of the notoriously war hungry tribe since the moment he understood the revulsion they caused in others. So, he’s delighted when he arrives at his first elven gathering and meets his other half. Cadlyr can leave the Cwylld and enjoy a prosperous life. Observing the tradition of their people, they agree to be mated the following day. Only, instead of promising his life to Evlithar of the Valzadari, Cadlyr is told the young elf has died by his own hand. Devastated, Cadlyr promises not to forget him and rages internally that Evlithar failed to come to him with his troubles. If he had Evlithar would still be alive and Cadlyr could’ve escaped.

Two thousand years later, Cadlyr’s existence has changed. Now the last of the Cwylld he is determined to recreate the sullied name into something noble. He resides within a special sanctuary at the Draconis Court of D’Vaire and has never been happier. It takes time, but he is eventually convinced to return to the annual gathering of elves. Once there he can hardly believe his eyes. Cadlyr is sure he’s seeing a ghost until the elf runs from the room like the hounds of hell are at his feet. Could Evlithar possibly alive after all these centuries?

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