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The D’Vaires are perfectly content living far from the spotlight. Although they are powerful and politically connected, the D’Vaires stick to their mansion in Arizona. For one of their High Kings, his desire to stay home is visceral. High King Aleksander D’Vairedraconis is a dragon shifter who suffers from agoraphobia. 

His mate is a recent addition to the household, and when High King Rafe D’Vairedraconis receives an invitation to the annual dragon fair, he is encouraged to do more than throw it in the trash. He would never do anything to hurt his other half, but Rafe can see the possibilities for fun and adventure. 

After some consideration—and tantalizing daydreams about the D’Vaires crafting their masquerade costumes—Rafe finds the perfect solution and charges forward with his plans while simultaneously protecting Aleksander. Soon, the D’Vaires are whisked away to an event where they can pretend everyone is a dragon, and when it’s over the entire family vows they will never miss it again.