Jessamyn Kingley

What is the Council of Sorcery and Shifters?

The Council of Sorcery and Shifters is the main governing body of magickind and shifters. They create and enforce the laws that preside over the races that belong to the Council. Each race is represented by their leader.

Where is the Council of Sorcery and Shifters?

The Council of Sorcery and Shifters Headquarters is a complex of buildings located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It houses not only the administrative and legislative spaces, but offers housing accommodations for Council personnel.

Who leads the Council of Sorcery and Shifters?

Today the Council is led by the dragon shifter leader, Emperor Chrysander Draconis.

Who created the Council of Sorcery and Shifters?

In the late 1300s, the Council of Sorcery was created by the warlock leader, Grand Warlock T'Eirick and his mate Grand Summoner Saura. After their death, the Council was led by necromancer leader Arch Lich Chander Daray. Arch Lich Daray moved the Council to North America several hundred years later and after uniting magickind with the shifters, handed over the leadership duties to Emperor Chrysander.

Why does the Council exist?

The Council was created to unite magical races in the hopes that together the races would be stronger. Grand Warlock T'Eirick saw the Council as a way to allow races to share their strengths and overcome their weaknesses by creating laws and regulations to benefit them all.

Who belongs to the Council?

The Council currently consists of over a hundred and twenty races. 

Can I visit the Council?

Council is in session Monday through Friday from 8am until 12pm [PST]. Your race must belong to the Council in order for you to obtain a ticket to attend a session. Tickets are obtained through your racial leader's office. For more information, contact the leader of your race.